Cant Help Myself – I Want Fuck My Stepdad

Chapter one – tricky therapist plan

I Want Fuck My Stepdad and that’s my problem. A therapist has a new client, Riley Star. This hot young mess was sent to therapy after her mom learned that Riley has been fucking her stepdad. Riley thinks her mom should be okay with her antics, especially since she’s learning so much from stepdad. As she describes how the relationship started and progressed. Riley flashes her panties beneath miniskirt. When the therapist has heard Riley out, he offers an unconventional type of therapy: Riley fucks him, and if he’s better than dady, she goes on banging him instead of stepdad. The girl agrees to this crazy plan.

Chapter two – sex for therapy

The therapist begins by telling Riley to turn around so he can slip her panties aside and admire cream filled twat. She’s already nice and ready for him as he peels underwear off and slides a finger deep inside tight pussy. By the time he pulls out to rub his fingers across her clit. Riley is mewling with desire and ready to do anything to cum. Therapist has her show off blowjob skills stepdad has been teaching. When he’s satisfied with the results, he gives Riley the pussy pounding she needs. Back on her hands and knees, she watches over her shoulder as the therapist slides his big dick into tiny twat. Man loves taking it from behind, but her budding sensuality makes her just as eager to show off her skills riding a hard dick.

Chapter three – cum on face

Rolling onto her back, she lets her therapist go back to do all the work as he works his way towards the ultimate pleasure. When he’s close to cum, Riley’s therapist pulls out and tells Riley to get on her knees so he can stroke himself off to a salty surprise all over Rileys’s face. When sperm was on the girl’s face, she realized that all this was in vain, and the therapy did not help her. She still wants to have hard sex with stepfather. But she did not tell the doctor about it, because the sex was just great, she experienced couple orgasms. And sperm was so much that she could not swallow the whole. And part of the sperm remained on the face.