Seducing My Stepdad

Chapter one – Preparation for Seducing My Stepdad!

Alex Blake has been in love with her stepfather for a long time. As soon as her mom goes on a trip, Alex makes her move – Seducing My Stepdad. She asks her stepdad if her underwear isn’t too crazy and hot, but it doesn’t help. Alex invites stepfather to bathe naked with her. Before he could protest, the stepdaughter took off all her clothes to dive into the water.None of Alex’s conspiracies to fuck her stepfather work, so she waits until he hides in the bathroom to fondle his cock and then sneaks behind him. Now that her stepfather is cornered and standing, Alex embodies her insane plan.

Chapter two – Taste my stepfather’s sperm!

Kneeling down, the girl grabs her stepfather’s big cock and pulls it close enough to suck. She licks his balls, strokes, and even lets him touch his chest! Now that her stepdad’s cock is Horny and ready for sex, Alex turns around to offer to fuck her from behind in a Doggy Style position. He takes her to his invitation, sliding all over her tight teen cunt. Now, Alex gives everything she has to ride her stepfather’s cock like it’s a Rodeo and she wants to ride that stallion. As soon as she cums, Alex bounces off her stepdad’s cock and kneels so he can give her a face that drips into her mouth. This powerful cumshot Alex will remember for a long time, because today her erotic fantasy came true. She finally learned the taste of semen of his stepfather!