Stretching Step Sister

Chapter One – attempts to seduce step brother

Stretching Step Sister. Izzy Bell is totally into her stepbrother, so she puts her plan into action to seduce him. She initially tries to get him inside her, when she positions himself in the kitchen doing a stretch in a tight bodysuit. When her stepbro comes in, Izzy unsnaps the crotch to show off everything below the waist. She claims that her bodysuit is too tight, but in reality she strikes as many provocative poses as she can. She try to get her stepbrother to bang her. When Plan A doesn’t work, Izzy changes outfits so that she’s not wearing any panties beneath her skirt. She calls her stepbrother in to help her do the splits. But he protests when he realizes that Izzy going commando. She backs up and starts rubbing her stepbro’s stiff fine, then helps him poop it out of his pants so he can fuck her as she works on her stretches.

Chapter Two – Hot creampie for stepsister

Now that she’s gotten what she wants, Izzy reaches a swift climax. And then gets on her knees to put her sassy mouth to work sucking him off. Since there’s a perfectly big bed right beside them, they decide to put it to use. Izzy gets on her hands and knees, her skinny bottom waving in invitation as she waits for her stpebro to slide back inside. She’s all giggles as they get started, but as soon as they set a hard and heavy pace she has to save her breath for banging. Izzy goes in for another blowjob. Her step brother rubs her pussy to keep her nice and wet for him. Then he takes her as she lays on her bad and obeys her every wish as she moans for him to fuck her harder. The only thing better for Izzy is to climb on top for a stiffie ride in her bare pussy. Now that she has finally gotten everything she wants, Izzy keeps on riding. When stepbrother reaches the end of his endurance and gluts her with a hot creampie.