Teacher Trap From Student – Hot Piper June

Chapter one – a plan to seduce the teacher!

The College teacher is surprised when he opens the door and sees his student (in the role of hot Piper June) on the other side. Piper comes into the house, before the teacher said no and locks the door. Claiming that she wanted to ask him about the study. Piper gradually penetrates deep into the house to find the bedroom. Jumping on the bed, she spreads her hips so the miniskirt comes up to show she’s not wearing any panties. The teacher tries to tell the girl – “go away”. But she grabs his hand and puts it where she wants (namely in her pussy). Finding her teacher’s cock nice and hard from her achievements. Piper grabs her teacher’s cock and runs her hand up and down. Teacher continues to protest as Piper opens his mouth to swallow his huge cock. Pounding her head down until she deep swallows his thick cock, she expertly d until he is ready to give in to her accomplishments.

Chapter two – Hard sex from the teacher

Riding her thigh proof, Piper rubs his cunt over his cock stick before guiding him all the way inside. Her plump nipples and small Tits bounce as she starts grinding her hips in a tight ride that doesn’t end until she is satisfied and until she has an orgasm. Now that the girl has completely seduced the teacher. Nothing prevents him from deploying his student and fucking her from behind. Not in the ass, he still continues to fuckĀ girl in the pussy. The man sticks out his penis to RUB between Piper’s ass cheeks, and then again inserts the dick into the wet hole. Flipping Piper over on his back on the bed, the teacher piles drives that bald jerk to his heart. He waits until the last moment to pull out, yielding to Piper’s request to cum all over the sex so she can try his salty surprise. Finally, the teacher cums in the girl’s mouth and she swallows some of the sperm, and the rest remains on face.